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Goodwin Heavy duty pumps are equipped with outstanding features that guarantee advanced performance over less durable pumps, with pioneering construction that allows for total operation in fully, part or non-submerged conditions.

Twin Volute Casing

twin volute
Goodwin use a 'Twin Volute' casing which puts a balanced load on the shaft which leads to much longer mechanical seal and bearing life as standard. Competitors 'Single Volute' casing puts an uneven load on the Shaft, which often leads to premature mechanical seal and bearing failure .

Inducer Effect

Agitator effect

The patented Goodwin Inducer sends hydrodynamic shock waves below the pump which makes settled solids start to flow.

Cable & Gland

The cable has a double layer of waterproof insulation which is armoured with galvanised steel strands between the two layers of waterproof rubber and as such is more resistant against damage.The IP68 rated cable gland seals against both the inner and outer sheaths, so even if the cable is damaged it is almost impossible for water to ingress to the electrical connections.


Terminal Enclosure

The use of ceramic Feed-Throughs to terminate the Cable & Stator Leads means there is no possibility of moisture or debris entering the Motor Chamber should the cable be damaged (as is the case with most other manufacturers).



Generously oversized to give extended life when pumping high specific gravity slurries.


Removable Discharge Elbow

The 150 and 200mm Goodwin Pumps are supplied with a removable discharge elbow, which is rubber lined for improved abrasion resistance.


Rotor End Plates & Rotor Bars

The Goodwin pump uses high quality copper end plates and bars in their rotor that are brazed together where the melting point of the braze is 787°C. Goodwin chose this over aluminium end rings and bars as aluminium has a lower melting point of 507°C and is susceptible to porosity if die-cast leading to premature rotor failure under severe conditions.

rotor end

Oil Filled Motor Housing

The Goodwin pump motor runs in a submerged oil bath that lubricates and cools the bearings and the mechanical seal. Additionally it transmits heat from the hottest part of the motor to the high mass stator housing that acts as a heat sink, eliminating motor hot spots which can give premature motor failure as would be the case if it was not oil filled.

Oil Filled Motor Housing

Cooling of the Motor Housing

The Goodwin pump benefits from forced convection cooling by nature of the pumped fluid passing around the motor housing before it leaves the pump. This allows the pump to run all day even if it is run dry in fresh air (when other pumps would overheat and burn out) or even if it is only semi-submerged without over heating. This is an integral part of the design and makes the option of additional motor cooling a redundant expense.

motor housing cooling

Non-Pressurised Mechanical Seal

Suitable for submergence depth up to 28 metres. The Goodwin mechanical seal is only subjected to the pressure from the submergence depth of the pump which generally is only a few metres of head and not the discharge pressure of the product as competitor pumps predominantly are. This greatly reduces the chance of fluid ingress into the motor itself and the destructive consequences which can result. The seal is positioned directly below the lower bearing to give it maximum support and protection from vibration.

Non-Pressurised Mechanical Seal

Heavy Duty Wet-end Parts

For very abrasive applications Goodwin can offer tungsten carbide coated impellers, inducers and wear plates as it is possible to coat 100% of the surface exposed to the slurry and thus provide the customer with excellent component life. Competitors closed vane designs have hidden surfaces which can't be tungsten carbide coated.

Non-Pressurised Mechanical Seal

Open Vane Impeller

This feature assists the breakdown of large particles in the impeller that might ultimately lead to blocked pump, There is little chance of the impeller becoming blocked as opposed to closed vane impellers which are often blocked and tend to stay blocked.

Non-Pressurised Mechanical Seal

Twin Volute Casing

The Pump casing is uniquely designed with a twin volute discharge. A feature which effectively balances all the opposing hydraulic forces acting on the shaft, bearings and mechanical seal no matter whether the pump is running discharging at full capacity, or when the pump is running in the "snore"** condition.

The balancing of these varying radial loads eliminates shaft vibration, which gives rise to longer life from the bearings and the mechanical seal.

** where the pump is running with a low liquid level, pumping a mixture of air and slurry.

twin volute


To reduce the bending moment on the shaft, when it comes into contact with large particles, the Goodwin inducer is kept as close as possible to the lower bearing.

Non-Pressurised Mechanical Seal

Product Selector

200 ANZE pump 200 NZE pump 200 HNZB pump 150 pump 150 pump 150 pump 100 pump 100 pump 100 pump
200 ANZE 200 NZE200 HNZB 150 ANZE 150 NZE150 HNZB 100 ANZE 100 NZE100 HNZB

NOTE : Use the adjusters to select pump, if the value is beyond the pump capabilities it will disappear.

Slide to adjust
Solid Content : 0%
Specific Gravity kg/l : 1.0kg/l
Particle Size : 0mm
Flow m³/hr : 0m³/hr
Head(pressure bar) : 0m

Submersible Slurry Pump Range

Slurry pump range Slurry pump range
200 HNZB 150 HNZB 100 HNZB 100 ANZE 100 NZE 150 NZE 150 ANZE 200 NZE 200 HNZB

DWHH (Dirty Water High Head)

Submersible Pump

The Goodwin DWHH pump benefits from many of the Submersible Slurry Pumps unique advantages, making it one of the most versatile pumps in the world.

These featured include Forced Convection Cooling, Oil Filled Motor (all Brass & Copper), Non-pressurised Mechanical Seal, Twin Volute Casing, Over-sized Bearings, Extreme Heavy Duty Cable, Product Temperatures up to 90°C, Dry Running Capability for extended periods of time

Many typical uses for the Goodwin DWHH pump include;

  • High wall pumping (open pit) applications
  • Construction of Buildings, Dams & Harbour walls
  • Long distance pumping applications (up to 4 km)
  • Agriculture - Irrigation / Centre Pivots, Dam Feeding
  • Underground Mining (Non-Explosive applications) - Shaft bottom to first level
  • Flood level control - Industrial, Municipal, Mining & Marine
  • Emergency and Environmental control


Electrical Data

VoltsFull Load CurrentInrush Current Direct on LineInrush Current Soft StartNo Load Current Fuse Size (HRC)
90kW, 1450RPM DWHH
380 V 165 A 860 A 580 A 39 A 350 A
415 V 156 A 810 A 545 A 37 A 350 A
525 V 124 A 645 A 435 A 29 A 300 A
660 V 94 A 490 A 330 A 22 A 300 A

  •  Max solid content - 5%
  •  Max specific gravity kg/l - 1.1
  •  Max particle size - 10mm
  •  Max product temperature - 90°C
  •  Max flow m3/hr - 215
  •  Max head - 130m
  •  Max pressure - 13 bars
  •  Max submergence depth - 28m
  •  Minimum sump size* - L 2.5m x W 2m x D 2.5m
  •  Sump Dead Zone* (Bottom) - 0.42m

Goodwin Twin Volute

Twin Volute

Casing Technology

DWHH Flange Connections

Twin Volute

PN16 - DN100
8 Places
Ø180 PCD


Weights & Dimensions

DWHH Weight

100 Range

100NZE graph
100 ANZE100 NZE100 HNZB
MAX PARTICLE SIZE 32mm 25mm12mm
220(62)137(38) 160(45)
MAX HEAD (PRESSURE BAR) 38m (3.8 bar) 33m (3.3 bar)60m (6 bar)
100HNZB graph 100HNZB graph

100 HNZB

100ANZE graph 100ANZE graph

100 ANZE

100NZE graph 100NZE graph

100 NZE

Electrical Data

VoltsFull Load CurrentInrush Current Direct on LineNo Load Current Fuse Size (HRC)
30kW, 1450RPM - 100mm NZE, ANZE & HNZB
380 V 58 A 300 A 14 A 100 A
415 V 54 A 280 A 13 A 100 A
525 V 42 A 220 A 10 A 100 A
660 V 33 A 170 A 8 A 80 A
22kW, 1450RPM - 100mm NZE ONLY
380 V 41 A 215 A 11 A 80 A
415 V 38 A 200 A 10 A 80 A
525 V 30 A 155 A 8 A 60 A
660 V 23 A 120 A 6 A 60 A

150 Range

100NZE graph
150 ANZE150 NZE150 HNZB
MAX PARTICLE SIZE 35mm 30mm20mm
(Litres / Second)
500(140)380(105) 290(80)
MAX HEAD (PRESSURE BAR) 40m (4 bar) 25m (2.5 bar)62m (6.2 bar)
150HNZB graph 150HNZB graph

150 HNZB

150ANZE graph 150ANZE graph

150 ANZE

150ANZE graph 150ANZE graph

150 NZE

Electrical Data

VoltsFull Load CurrentInrush Current Direct on LineInrush Current Soft StartNo Load Current Fuse Size (HRC)
90kW, 960RPM - 150mm, HNZB, NZE & ANZE
380 V 171 A 890 A 600 A 40 A 350 A
415 V 160 A 830 A 560 A 38 A 350 A
525 V 128 A 665 A 450 A 30 A 300 A
660 V 97 A 500 A 335 A 23 A 300 A

200 Range

200 pump
200 ANZE200 NZE200 HNZB
MAX PARTICLE SIZE 60mm 60mm40mm
(Litres / Second)
800(220)600(170) 800(220)
MAX HEAD (PRESSURE BAR) 40m (4 bar) 27m (2.7 bar)60m (6 bar)
200HNZB graph 200HNZB graph

200 HNZB

200ANZE graph 200ANZE graph

200 ANZE

200NZE graph 200NZE graph

200 NZE

Electrical Data

VoltsFull Load CurrentInrush Current Direct on LineInrush Current Soft StartNo Load Current Fuse Size (HRC)
112kW, 960RPM - 200mm HNZB, NZE & ANZE
380 V 210 A 1120 A 735 A 52 A 400 A
415 V 190 A 1030 A 665 A 48 A 400 A
525 V 150 A 840 A 530 A 39 A 350 A
660 V 120 A 655 A 420 A 30 A 300 A

Weights & Dimension

weights and dimensions

*All pump and information is subject to upgrade and revision.

weights and dimensions

Flange Connections

100mm Pump 150mm Pump 200mm Pump
4" Table 'D' 150mm PN10 200mm PN10
(Fits 100mm PN10)
weights and dimensions
M16*2.0P M20*2.5P M20*2.5P
4 Places 8 Places 8 Places
ø179 PCD ø240 PCD ø295 PCD

The wet end of the standard pump is made of Type 4 Ni-Hard (ASTM A352 Class 1 Type D) for its high hardness giving excellent wear life in almost all slurry applications.

For extreme applications, we manufacture a Tungsten Carbide coated variant of this to give extended wear life in Iron Ore, Sand and other abrasive applications.

Fasteners - All fasteners fitted to Goodwin Pumps are supplied in 316 grade Stainless Steel for ease of maintenance.